Electronic measuring instrument

Electronic measuring instruments have a unique associated strategic industry, and its own development has a very obvious impact on the entire national economy, especially the development of the electronic information industry. The market of electronic measuring instruments in our country is huge and the demand is large. Electronic measuring instruments play a vital role in the development of the electronic information industry.
Domestic electronic measurement technology and electronic measurement instruments are developing rapidly, covering all walks of life. First, basic theoretical research on electronic measurement technology: new test theory and method research, artificial intelligence theory research, frequency base traceability and standard device acquisition methods Research, new measurement and control bus and system structure research, research and formulation of measurement and instrument standards are the focus of theoretical research in the future. Second, the development of electronic measurement technology: the fast-growing technologies include advanced measurement and control bus technology, new technology of digital signal processing, new technology of comprehensive test and fault diagnosis, new technology of optical frequency standard and precision time-frequency test, etc. The third and second types of important electronic measuring instruments: an important development direction of the vector network analyzer is to build an automatic measurement technology and automatic test system with the vector network analyzer as the core; in addition, the vector network analyzer has stepped out of the traditional linear network It plays an important role in the testing and analysis of nonlinear and high-power networks. The modulation domain analysis instrument is the only technology that can directly measure the jitter that changes with time in the communication transmission, especially in the field of military electronic testing. Fourth, the development of modern production technology of electronic measuring instruments: the design and production level of instrument products is an important symbol to measure a country's scientific and technological industrial foundation and industrial capabilities, and runs through the entire process of product production and the entire life cycle. In the future, in the research of instrumentation production technology, we should pay attention to solving the problems of product design and process supervision mode, research new instrumentation devices, and develop high-precision and high-quality instrumentation-specific components, parts and quality inspection equipment for the whole machine , to study virtual test verification and engineering verification technology, to study advanced production processes and processes, to study new evaluation methods for stability, reliability, maintainability and testability, and to standardize product certification systems. Fifth, the comprehensive test system of electronic measuring instruments: The comprehensive test should focus on the system optimization research of the comprehensive test system, the unity and integrity technology research of the measurement and control system, the sensor information processing and multi-sensor data fusion technology research, large Distributed network interconnection, triggering, and synchronization technology research for regional field testing, as well as research on reconfigurable measurement and control system technology based on synthetic instruments and systems.
China's electronic measuring instruments are in the second development opportunity since the founding of New China. Mainly due to the development of China's economy, there have been two changes in China's economy: one is that the industry needs to be upgraded, and the other is that the industry needs to innovate independently. An industry needs electronic measuring instruments to complete the selection of raw materials, monitoring of the production process, product testing, and industry operations. Therefore, electronic measuring instruments shoulder the historical mission of upgrading and independent innovation in other industries.