Classification of testing instruments

The metal detector is composed of two parts: a metal detector and a conveyor. The function of the metal detector is to detect whether there are metal impurities in the material bag; the conveyor conveys the bag material through the metal detector, and continues to convey the detected material bag to the next link
mechanical test
Mechanical test testing equipment is a testing equipment that stretches, compresses, bends, twists, and impacts various materials through external forces to check whether their quality is qualified. It is suitable for rubber, plastics, textiles, waterproof materials, wires and cables, ropes, Metal wire, metal rod, metal plate, insulation material, cement, concrete, jack and other materials
color detection
The color detection equipment uses machine vision to detect whether the sorting of various colors is correct, with calibration and benchmark setting functions. Suitable for communication cables, data cables, security cables, shielded cables, telephone cables, network digital cables, automotive cables, electrical cables, terminal wire harnesses, etc.