Digital Protractor
  • Digital Protractor
  • Product description
  • Specifications
  • Features:

    1) High accuracy ±0.005°, high resolution 0.001°

    2) Dual and Single axis with user friendly LCD display angle

    3) Laser module installed for alignment

    4) Rechargeable

    5) V Shape Aluminum metal case for easy to fit at the corner or pipe.

    6) 2 Side Magnetic base with milled surface

    7) Audible alarming at settable angle range

    8) Any angle measurement with gyro

    9) USB / Bluetooth to pc connection need adapter

    10) PLC Modbus RS485 connection with 6P6C socket, connect up to 255 unit in one network

  • Gravity Measurement Accuracy:  0 to 20°: ± (0.005°)

    20 to 70°: ± (0.01°)

    70 to 90°: ± (0.005°)

    *After Calibrated

    Measuring range:  Single axis: 360°, Dual axis: ±40°

    Resolution:  0.001°

    Gyro Measurement  0.5°

    Accuracy:   Gyro Measurement 0.1°

    Accuracy:   Gyro Rotation Speed: <50°/s

    Display Response time:   <0.6 second

    Audio sound:   60dB @ 30cm

    Zero offset drift angle per °C:  0.002° (typical)

    Operating temperature:  0 to 50°C

    Storage temperature:  -10 to 60°C

    User Interface:  Mono-color LCD with backlight

    Supply Power:  Rechargeable Li-Polymer 3.7V

    Charger port:  5V 500mA Mini type-B USB port

    Power Consumption:  Standby: 10uA, Operation: 20mA.

    Standby Battery Life:  4000 hours

    Operating Battery Life:  30 hours

    Dimensions (in mm):    93(L) x 66(W) x 28(H)

    Magnetic Base:    affix at 2 face

    Magnetic Force:   N35

    Weight:   120gram


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