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Temperature Data Logger


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  • Temperature Data Logger 

    DL-20/DL-21 is a Temperature Data Logger with high performance versus price ratio, which has

    elegant appearance,and with common features such as simple operation, reliable capability, low

    power consumption,and no data lost after electricity breaking. Moreover, it also unique function such as

    1) the setting of user information, including user information, data logger site, alarm upper/lower parameters;

    2) work status indication;

    3)accordant with HACCP System Certificate;

    4) two types: "temperature sensor internal" and "temperature sensor external".

    The Data Processing (DP) software of DL-20/DL-21has friendly interface and can be easily used. The user can set the record interval, temperature alarm upper/lower limit, clock, and the information both of Data Logger and user very conveniently through the software. Otherwise, the software has data-analyzing function, and list files of type not only can show the data and draw the curve analyzing pictures, but also can show alarm signal to the temperature exceeding point. The historical data can be checked, saved, printed and output as WORD format. The Data Logger can be widely used for food, medicine, refrigeration chain transportation and the walks of life which are accordant with HACCP. It also can be used in locals where need temperature supervision, such as labs.

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  • Technical parameters:

    1、Temperature measuring rang: -40.0℃~ 70.0℃

    Accuracy of temperature measuring at normal temp.: ±0.5℃(-20℃~20℃) ±1℃(other ranges)

    Status indictor light indicates every working status

    Resolution: 0.1℃

    Sensor: NTC

    Fixed ways of sensor: the Internal or the External

    2、Recording cycle: 2s~24h continuous set or 1 week ~ 6 months distributed automatically

    Real-time transfers: the Interval time (10s~ 24h) can be adjusted.

    3、Recording capacity: 4000poits (DL-20), 8000 points (DL-21)

    4、The environment suitable for Data Logger shell: Temperature: -30℃~50℃ Humidity:15%~85%

    5、Power supply: 2.4AH 3.6V one non-chargeable battery

    6、Data output: Connect the computer with the USB interface to transfer data

    7、Safe level: IP65

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