Motorized Vertical Test Stand
  • Motorized Vertical Test Stand

Motorized Vertical Test Stand


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  • MX-1000 test stand has three test modes:

    Manual speed regulation, manual fixed speed, automatic cycle fixed speed.

    Range: 1000N (about 100kgf) Stroke: 410mm

    Speed: 10-300mm/min Voltage: AC100-240V

    Function: Emergency cut-off switch, adjust the travel limit up and down, you can choose various speeds or maximum speed.

    Optional: encoder, length meter, longer stroke, speed change.



    Testing of various materials within 1000N.

    (measuring tensile strength, pressure strength, and shear, etc.)

    Analyze the breakpoints and free fit of mechanical parts.



    Suitable for digital and mechanical push-pull gauges of the motive brand.

    Overload protection and force control are connected to the dynamometer (MX series only)

    You can select the operation of the weighing unit and scale its movement length.

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