Gloss Meter GLS-60
  • Gloss Meter GLS-60

Gloss Meter GLS-60


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  • Gloss Meter GLS-60

    The GLS-60 gloss meter has a measuring geometry of 60 °. The gloss meter is used to analyse surfaces of different materials. Gloss measurements are particularly carried out in the production industry where products must have exactly the same characteristics. Therefore, it can be said that the main areas of usage of a gloss meter are incoming goods and quality control where the gloss meter is used as a test device to determine whether the condition of the products is flawless.

    The included software for the gloss meter supports the user in analysing the measured data and to represent them graphically. Additionally, the user has the possibility to save the measured data directly to the internal memory of the gloss meter which has a capacity for up to 1000 measured values. The GLS-60 gloss meter has a measuring geometry of 60 ° which cannot be adjusted in this case. Other devices have a function to adjust the measuring geometry.

    - Measuring geometry: 60 °
    - 3.5“ TFT
    - internal measurement value storage up to 1000 measurement values
    - calibration plate included in the delivery content
    - short measuring time
    - with evaluation software

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