Gloss Meter GLS-268
  • Gloss Meter GLS-268

Gloss Meter GLS-268


  • Product description
  • Specifications
  • Gloss meter for mobile use / flexibility due to various measuring geometries /
    3.5 " TFT display / very short measuring time / internal memory for readings /
    including evaluation software


    The GLS-268 gloss meter works with measuring geometries of 20 °, 60 ° and 85 °, using the reflection principle.

    This means that the gloss meter emits light which hits the surface to be tested. A part of the light will be absorbed

    by the surface and another part will be reflected. After this, the gloss meter will calculate the degree of gloss.

    The wide measurement range allows the user to test many different surfaces. These features make the gloss

    degree meter very useful for gloss measurements in quality and incoming goods control. The included software

    makes later evaluation of the measured data easily possible.

    - Various measuring geometries
    - 3.5“ TFT
    - Internal measurement value storage
    - Calibration plate included in the delivery content
    - short measuring time
    - Evaluation software

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