Gloss Meter GLS-60S
  • Gloss Meter GLS-60S

Gloss Meter GLS-60S


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  • Gloss Meter GLS-60S

    This gloss meter with small measuring area is used to quantify surfaces that must be measured. The gloss-measuring device operates on the reflection principle by sending light from a known light source onto the surface to be tested and calculates the gloss level of the surface according to the reflection of light particles. The gloss level in gloss units (GU) is then output to the display of the gloss meter.

     The measurement geometry of the Gloss Meter GLS-60S is 60 degrees and is not adjustable. Evaluation software is included with the gloss meter which allows you to read out the measurement data to a computer and analyze and store your results. This gloss meter has data memory installed, which can accommodate up to 5,000 measured values ??depending on the setting.

    - Measurement geometry: 60 °
    - Measurement to 1000 gloss units
    - Internal memory up to 5000 readings
    - Small measurement area
    - Fast measurement time
    - Includes evaluation software

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