Gloss Meter PAN-60S
  • Gloss Meter PAN-60S

Gloss Meter PAN-60S


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  • Gloss Meter PAN-60S
    Compact design and robust housing for long life /  quartz crystal calibration plates /

    gloss meter that measures from opaque to high brightness / includes software to file

    the measurement values /0… 1999 units of brightness

     The Gloss Meter is a portable precision instrument to detect any degree of brightness on different

    surfaces from matt to high gloss. For this, the measurement angle of 60 degrees of the Gloss Meter

    is ideal. At a glance it is often difficult to differentiate the degrees of brightness. The Gloss Meter

    detects the brightness levels of a painting. However, often minor differences are irrelevant to the

    naked eye. We should also bear in mind that each person, and therefore each eye,  perceives

    brightness differently. Some polishing manufacturers advertise about these data, but that is absurd.

    Different tests have shown different results in a varnished shine, some even without making a measurement.

    This is due to the different angles of vision of the observer and the light intensity at the time of inspection.

    So, some coated surfaces perpendicularly seen,  seem opaque, meanwhile if they are seen from almost

    a horizontal angle, they seem to have much shine. The value of a high-gloss coating is usually between 70

    and 100 GU (gloss units)

     - High reproducibility
    - Battery power supply
    - quartz crystal calibration plates
    - Software to do reports
    - Gloss grades from opaque to high brightness

  • Technical Data



    0 ... 1999 GU (gloss units)


    ±0,2 GU (0 ... 99.9)
    ±0,2 % (100 ... 1999)


    ±0,5 GU (0 ... 99.9)
    ±0,5 % (100 ... 1999)

    Optical angle

    60 º

    Measuring area

    10 x 20 mm


    14 x 28 mm

    Power supply

     1,5 V AAA battery


    83 x 46 x 30 mm


    100 g


    10 values



    Environmental temperature

    -10 ... 50 ºC, max. 80 % H.r.


    ISO2813, ASTMD523, DIN-67530, ISO7668, GB9754



    Standard Delivery


    1 x Gloss Meter PAN-60S
    1 x calibration standard
    1 x AAA battery
    1 x USB data cable
    1 x software
    1 x carrying case
    1 x user manual


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