Color Viewing Booth (8 light sources)
  • Color Viewing Booth (8 light sources)

Color Viewing Booth (8 light sources)


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  • Color Viewing Booth (8 light sources)

    Light sources:D65,TL84,CWF,F,UV,U30,A,TL83


    Dimensions:710x530x570 mm



    > Light source's running time display / Name display / Switching frequency display.

    > Auto conversion between light sources; Different spectrum with same color.

    > No need warm-up; No flicker; Color assessment quick and reliable.

    > Low power-consumption; No heat emission; Efficient illumination.

    > English/American standard light sources.

    > A and 30U light sources in American standard.

    > Light source’s name is changeable. 

    Key words:
    • Color Viewing Booth (8 light sources)
  • Light source:

    D65 --- International-standard Artificial Daylight

    Color temperature:6500K Power:20W

    TL84 --- Applicable to stores in Europe, Japan and China

    Color temperature:4000K Power:18W

    CWF (Cool White Fluorescent)

    Color temperature:4150K Power:20W

    F-light ---- Referential color-comparing light; Applicable to family/hotel

    Color temperature:2700K Power:40W

    UV ---- Ultraviolet light source

    Wavelength:365nm Power:20W

    U30 (Warm White Fluorescent)

    Color temperature:3000K Power:18W

    A --- American style shooting light; Referential color-comparing light

    Color temperature:2856K Power:60W

    TL83 --- European standard warm-white store light source

    Color temperature:3000K Power:18W 

    Optional fittings: Light source diffusing board / 45° normative stand / Lamp container.

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