Double-Sided Film Applicator
  • Double-Sided Film Applicator

Double-Sided Film Applicator


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  • Double-Sided Film Applicator

    For numerous products such as paint,ink,varnishes,glue and cosmetics,the reliability of many laboratory tests is directly related to the quality of the samples prepared from it.

    It is absolutely essential that any measurements made on such coatings,whether for the purpose of describing their appearance or their physical properties(colour,gloss,hiding power,drying time,etc.),are made on the basis of uniform and comparable samples with precisely controlled thickness.

    Our high quality,high precison film applicators and motorised film applicators for greater repeatability and reproducibility when undertaking a large number of sample tests.Stainless steel and anodized aluminum are the preferred materials of construction,due to their resistance to corrosion.

    The double-sided film applicator is made using modern technology of metallurgy with precision gringding machine, made of high-grade,corrosion-resistant stainless steel 440C.The accuracy of the Gap Depth is ±1.0µm(50µm and below)and or 2% of Full Scale.

    Complies with ASTM D 823-25


    ▼ Wet Film Width of:80mm

    ▼ The total length:100mm


     MODEL NO.:

         KT 201-1:(25µm, 50µm)

         KT 201-2:(75µm,100µm)

         KT 201-3:(100µm,150µm)

         KT 201-4:(150µm,200µm)

         KT 201-5:(300µm,400µm

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