Quadruplex Film Applicator
  • Quadruplex Film Applicator

Quadruplex Film Applicator


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  • Quadruplex Film Applicator

    The Frame-Type Four-Sided Applicator is made using modern technology of metallurgy with precision gringding machine,made of high-grade,corrosion-resistant stainless steel 440C.The accuracy of the Gap Depth is ±1.0µm(50µm and below)and or 2% of Full,The hollow frame is cut using EDM Fine-Wire Cutting Technology to achieve high degree of accurate cutting and smooth surfacing .


       ▼ Wet Film Width of:65mm

       ▼ The total length:85mm


     MODEL NO.:

        KT 203-1:(25µm,50µm,75µm,100µm)

        KT 203-2:(50µm,100µm,150µm,200µm)

        KT 203-3:(30µm,60µm,90µm,120µm)

        KT 203-4:(5µm,10µm,15µm,20µm)

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