Rotorless Rhepmeter
  • Rotorless Rhepmeter

Rotorless Rhepmeter


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  • Rotorless Rhepmeter 

    The curves and characteristic parameters on vulcanization of rubber materials can be

    obtained using rotorless Rheometer based on the measurement of the torque exerted

    by the rubber material on the oscillating die.The MR-C3 Rotorless Rheometer has excellent

    property of reappears and stability.In a test with good mixed rubber and the timerange is 12min,

    the T90 may be several second difference in 4 continual experiments.


    Higher stability, Smooth curve and reproducibility result;

    Easy to operation and with a fully automatic control system;

    Heating fast and temperature restore stability;

    Higher effective temperature Control;

    Automatic and security door;


    CE, ASTMD5289-95 ISO6502:1991 

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    • Rotorless Rhepmeter
  • Technical indexes

    Range of temperature control:  From room temperature to 200°C

    Temperature fluctuation in die: ≤±0.1°C

    Temperature display resolution: 0.1°C              

    Rate of temperature increase: 32°C/min    

    Measurement range of torque: 0-20Nm    

    Torque resolution: 0.001Nm

    Angle of die oscillation: ±0.5°,±1°,±3°

    Frequency of die oscillation:1.67Hz (100r/min)

    Size: 520*570*1000 mm (W*L*H)

    Weight: about 120Kg

    Power: AC220~230V,50/60Hz,3A

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