Charpy Pendulum Impact Tester
  • Charpy Pendulum Impact Tester

Charpy Pendulum Impact Tester


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  • Charpy Pendulum Impact Tester

    The digital charpy impact tester is mainly used to measure the impact toughness of rigid

    plastic, reinforced nylon, fiberglass, ceramics, cast stone, insulation materials and other

    non-metallic materials. It is the ideal testing equipment in the chemical industry, scientific

    research institutes, universities and quality testing departments.


    1、Plastic charpy impact tester is a kind of intelligent digital testing machine using the

    microcomputer technology. It is advanced that it can automatically correct the energy

    loss caused by friction and windage to modify the energy chart, getting rid of the resistance

    effect. (The detection of the pendulum energy after specimen fracture and the correction of

    energy loss are finished during the impact at once)

    2、The test results of plastic digital charpy impact tester are electrically displayed to make

    the reading more intuitive, improving the precision and accuracy of the impact machine.

    3、The otary encoder Park grating angle measurement technology is used by the instrument

    to display the thrusting energy, impact strength, pre-Yang angle, up angle, the average angle

    and the energy loss corrected automatically, with the advantages of high accuracy ,good stability and a large measure range.

    4、The digital charpy impact tester are strictly in conformity with the standards of ISO 179,ASTM D256,ISO 8256.

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    • Charpy Pendulum Impact Tester
  • Main technical parameters

    1、impact velocity:3.8m/s

    2、pendulum energy: 25J\15J\7.5J

    3、distance from the pendulum center to the specimen center:380mm

    4、the pendulum tilt angle:150°

    5、jaws bearing distance: 40mm、60mm、70mm、95mm

    6、supporting blade radius: R=1mm

    7、impact blade angle:30°

    8、impact blade radius: R=2mm

         The pendulum arm used in the instrument is a kind of new material stronger

         than steel and lighter than aluminum (patent pending).

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