Impact Specimen Notch Projector
  • Impact Specimen Notch Projector

Impact Specimen Notch Projector


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  • Impact Specimen Notch Projector 

    The projector is a special optical instrument designed and developed for preparing

    to test the V-shaped or U-shaped notch processing quality of impact specimen.

    The processed specimen notch is amplified for 50 times and projected onto the

    observation screen; then a comparison is carried out with the standard drawing

    board inscribed on the observation screen and it is can be rapidly determined

    whether the notch of the impact specimen is qualified. The comparison is directly

    visible and the operation is simple with high efficiency. The projector is

    indispensable special equipment for physicochemical laboratory. 


    Key words:
    • Impact Specimen Notch Projector
  • Projection screen


    Amplification rate


    Light source

    12V 100W(ungsten halogen lamp)

    Specimen stage adjustment

    Front, rear, left, right, upper and lower rotation for 360 degree


    200V 50HZ 200W

    External dimension



    About 18 kg


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