Computer Control Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine
  • Computer Control Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine

Computer Control Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine


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  • Computer Control Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine 


    Computer Control Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine is suitable to test

    various metallic & non-metallic materials for tension, compression, bending and shearing

    strength. It can be capable of testing the characters of materials on physical & technology

    properties. It is simple, easy to operate and widely used in works, laboratories and high

    schools for material properties research and quality control. Equipped with the computer

    & Software & printer, it can display, record, process and print the test results, and control

    test procedures as the set program and can draw test curves automatically in real time.

    The machine complies with ASTM, DIN, ISO standards.   



    Key words:
    • Universal Testing Machine
  • Standard configuration:

    1. Load frame 1set

    2.Measuring & control system 1 set

    3.Oil source 1 set

    4.Hight precision column type load cell 1 piece (load measuring directly,

       not be affected from friction of oil cylinder and external influence )

    5.Build-in Displacement transducer 1 piece

    6. Electro-hydraulic servo valve 1 set(Italy ATOS E-RI-TE-01H 40/DH04SA)

    7. Control system 1 set Extensometer (gauge length 25mm、50mm、100mm

        to choose from)

    8.Lenovo computer 1 set (Model M4600,17〞CRT),Confriguration:

       PDC E21800/1G DDRII/SATA2 160G(7200 R)/SATA DVD/Sound card/Integrated

       KiloMega network card  /Integrated high performance video card /Keyboard/USB

       Photoelectrical mouse/XP HOME /front built 2 USB2.0/Sky application 08A(for XP)

        /180W power supply/guarantee for 3 years

    9.HP Deskjed A4 Jet printer 1 set

    10.Tensile Fixture 1 set(Round grip Ф9-Ф20,Ф20-Φ32one for each ,

          Flat grip 0-15 1 pair)

    11.Compression fixture 1 set (Platen Ф128)

    12.Bending fixture 1 set(standard Ф30cooling bending & compression head)

    13.Connected cable 1 set

    14.Data process software package 1 set (running in Windows 98, windows

         2000 or windows XP) Computer desk 1PC  


    Technical specification:   

    1.Maximum test load 300kN

    2.Accuracy grade 1 Class

    3.Measuring range 1%-100%

    4.Load resolution 30000 yard

    5.indicating value of load measuring better than ±1% of indicating value

    6.displacement resolution: 5μm displacement accuracy:

        better than ±1% of indicating value

    7.Deformation resolution 1μm

    8.deformation accuracy: better than ±1% of indicating value

    9.effective space between columns 435mm    

    10.stress speed range: 1—60(N/mm2)S-1    

    11.Strain speed range: 0.00025/S—0.0025/S    

    12.Maximum distance between grips 690mm    

    13.Maximum distance between platens 570mm    

    14.Platen size φ128×30    

    15.Connecting plate size φ128×60    

    16.Distance between bending rollers 30-480mm    

    17.Bending rod size M16×680    

    18.Clamping diameter of round specimen 9-32mm    

    19.Clamping thickness of flat specimen 0~15mm    

    20.Piston travel 250mm    

    21.Power 1.7kW    

    22.Power supply AC 380V±10%    

    23.Dimension of load frame 120mm×560mm×1940mm    

    24.Dimension of oil source 550mm×550mm×1410mm    

    25.weight 1222kg    

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