Electro Mechanical Universal Testing Machine
  • Electro Mechanical Universal Testing Machine

Electro Mechanical Universal Testing Machine


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  • Electro Mechanical Universal Testing Machine

    Universal Testing Machine – TM-Line series are mostly used for static testing in a

    tensile or compression mode within a single frame. The test types include tensile,

    compression, shear, flexure, peel, tear, cyclic, and bend tests. Capacities for the

    TM-series range from low-load forces of 2kN (448 lbf) up to high-capacity 300 kN 

    (68,000 lbf) test frames.


    Single Column, Stand Alone System with 2kN (440lbf) Maximum Capacity

    Ergonomic  Design with many Advanced Features

    1 Year Warranty

    Flexible and Modular Design for Easy Expansion in the Future

    Excellent Price/Quality Ratio

    The Universal Testing Machine TM-2 is loaded with technical features, ergonomic design 

    and is produced with high quality as a benchmark. The instrument is suitable to be used

    in: Production lines, where the operator has to be fast and efficient, and accurately control

    the test, Testing lab environments, where using the advanced software, the users can analyze

    the test data, have full control on processing, filing, and test management.


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    • Universal Testing Machine
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     0.5% as per ASTM E8

    Force Resolution      

     1/10000 using control panel; 1/20000 using software

    Cross Head Movement        

     31.5” /800mm

    Stroke Resolution               

     1 μm


     0.0002” /0.005mm

    Speed (min-max)              

     0.04 -38” /min / 1-1000 mm/min

    Testing space                    

     Ø 5.5” // 140mm

    Dimensions (HxWxD)         

     61x23x23” / 155x60x60 cm




    220V  60HZ    110V  50Hz AC   


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