Measuring Software Quick Measuring 2.0~4.2Version
  • Measuring Software Quick Measuring 2.0~4.2Version

Measuring Software Quick Measuring 2.0~4.2Version

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  • Measuring Software Quick Measuring 2.0~4.2Version

    Application: 1> Video measuring machines, measuring microscopes and other vision measuring system,

    etc 2> Modern simple interface design;


    functional key:

    Graph function key, graph constructive functional key and visual tool functional key is separated by color and

    grouped tactically, it makes the communication between operator and instrument quickly and friendly, and it

    improves the speed of human measurement obviously.

    ● Graph function key is black.

    ● Graph constructive key is red.

    ● Visual tool function key is black and green.

    Technical Specifications

    Automatic edge-detecting function:

    ●High-speed, accurate and repeatable. While measurements, it can analyse and dispose the workpiece’s

      characters and identify work-piece’s edge automatically.

    Dimension label function:

    ●On actual image, QuickMeasuring is able to label dimension with detail data freely, which reduces the

      measuring time and improves efficiency obviously. Now, he label is displayed with distance, angle, radius and diameter according, etc.

    Map photo & measurement, and map navigation:

    ●Quickneasuring can take photos for the workpiece on work-stage, then automatically combines segments into

    a full picture, which can be saved and measured, operator also can use this picture to make navigation. While

    clicking any position of picture, software will quickly move forward the appointed zone, which largely improves

    the efficiency of measurement. Besides, the map also can be in put again and labled directly. Suggestion: it is

    better to use this function on NC or CNC machines.

    3D contact probe measurement:

    ●By contact probe, Quickmeasuring can make 3D measurement, including sphere, cylinder, taper, height,

      distance of two plane, planeness and parallelism, etc.

    Program simply and directly:

    ●Unlike the traditional measurement programming, Quickmeasuring adopt training style programming, it can record

       measurement program which can be carried out at any time(measuring order, illumination setup etc).This is more

       convenient and quick to measure the same workpiece.

    Multi-format output:

    ●Measuring results of Quickmeasuring can be output in multi-formats, such as TXT, Excel. Qucikmeasuring

       can also be input and output the Dxf file, which let operator make CAD graphic processing easily.

    Multi-magnification Zoom high-resolution CCD Camera:

    ●High-quality 0.7-4.5X zoom lens select and magnify complicated parts within the visual wide field easily

       and sharply. High resolution CCD camera, capture card and ensure the output image without any aberration.

    Image sharpening and auto-fringe function:

    ●Qucikmeasuring can contrast the image before and after sharpening, and the sharpening make the measurement

       more convenient when check some complicated and uneasy workpieces. Auto-fringe function make the whiteness

       and blackness sharpened image and edge-detect result accurater.

    4-division and 40-division ring illumination make measurement clearer and accurater:

    ●USB 5-ring,8-direction and 40-division LED illumination provide multi-choice of illumination brightness and angle,

       which make the measurement of edge-detect and deeper hole easily. Besides, the illumination condition can also

       be saved simultaneously while programming in order to realize the auto-control of illumination. 4-division LED

       is low-version lightsource for the manual Video measuring machine.

    Image auto-focus and video height measurement:

    ●QuickMeasuring realizes entire auto-focus, which reduces the measuring efficiency and accuracy. Meanwhile,

       QuckMeasuring use auto-focus to achieve accurate height of two plane on manual machine quickly.

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