Multi-Funtional Digital Readout
  • Multi-Funtional Digital Readout

Multi-Funtional Digital Readout


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  • Multi-Funtional Digital Readout


    Can be installed in all kinds of machine tool, can supply the measuring location when used with the linear scales


    1.Employed with advanced IC, 24-bit counter with unique digital filtering technology, the speed can reach 5m per second.

    2.Systematic interference in power and signal line can reach 2200V or above

    3.Displaying data both in Chinese and English

    4.Can recall the current disposition after power failure

    5.Can work right between AC 90V and 240V

    6.Small volume and light quality. The dimension is 295mm*185mm*45mm, the quality is 1.45kg


    1. Coordinate zero reset, divide by 2, display set numeral

    2. Divide holes on an oblige line

    3. ABS coordinate, INC coordinate, 1000 groups user coordinate

    4. Arc manufacturing (WE6800-2, WE6800-3)

    5. Shrink rate

    6. Detect the RI

    7. Counter

    8. Divide holes on a circle

    9. Ramp manufacturing(WE6800-2、WE6800-3)

    10.EDM manufacturing(WE6800E)

    11.Edge detecting


    1. WE6800-2 two-axis digital readout

    2. WE6800-3 three-axis digital readout

    3. WE6800E only appropriate for EDM only.

  • Specification

    1. Voltage: AC 90-240V

    2. Power: the most is15W

    3. Dimensions: 295mm*185mm*45mm

    4. Weight: 1.45kg

    5. Linear scale's signal: orthogonality TTL, frequency<2MHz, power> 1mA

    6. Resolution 0.1μ、0.2μ 、0.5μ、1μ、2μ、5μ、10μ

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