Digital Profile Projector
Digital Profile Projector
Digital Profile Projector
  • Digital Profile Projector
  • Digital Profile Projector
  • Digital Profile Projector

Digital Profile Projector

  • Product description
  • Specifications
  • Usages:

    This instrument is a precession measuring device integrating optics, mechanics, electricity and computation into an organic whole; which is widely used in the measuring rooms and workshops of related factories and plants in the sectors of machinery manufacture, instrumentation, clocks and watches and electronics industries. This instrument can easily and speedily check the profiles and surface shapes of various measured parts; e.g., various parts, cutting tools and tools of sample plates, punching pieces, cams, gears, molding milling cutters, tapping tools, etc.


    The image on the projection screen should be a positive one; which would be in conformity with the measuring custom
    The transmission illumination with two high-and-low shifts is adopted to fit in with the measurement demand of different workpieces
    With a non-spherical collector lighting system, the visual field of the projector screen would be all the more bright and homogeneous; thus reducing measurement errors and further securing the accuracy
    Imported Phillips long-life halogen tungsten lamps are adopted to satisfy the requirement of long-time uses of the projector
    With axial flow blower fans, the bilateral heat radiation can provide super-strong radiating power
    Multi-function digital indicator and micro-printer


    Technical parameters:

    Projection screen
    Screen diameter:  φ300 mm
    Rotation range:  0°~ 360°
    Resolution of the rotary angle:  1′
    Accuracy of the rotary angle:  6′
    Worktable area:  340mm×152mm
    Range of X-coordinate:  0~150 (mm)      Resolution :  0.001 (mm)
    Range of Y-coordinate:  0~50   (mm)      Resolution :  0.001 (mm)
    Range of Z-coordinate (Focusing):  0~90 (mm)  (Focusing)
    Accuracy of the instrument:  (3+L/75)μm,

    of which, L = length of the workpiece measured ( unit: mm)
    Load capacity:  10kg
    Lighting source
    Transmission lighting:  12V/100W Halogen tungsten lamp
    Indirect lighting:  24V/150W Halogen tungsten lamp

  • Objective:

    Magnification Power

    Object Visual Field (mm)

    Object Working Distance (mm)













    Errors of magnifying power: 0.08%
    Ambient environment of the instrument service:
    Room temperature:  20°C±5°C
    Relative humidity:  40~70%
    Overall sizes of the instrument (mm):

    Mainframe weight:  135 kg
    Power supply:AC 220V 50HZ 110V 60HZ


    Optional accessory:
    20×objective lens (with 20×semi-transmission and semi-reflecting lens)
    50×objective lens (with 50×semi-transmission and semi-reflecting lens)
    100×objective lens (with 50×semi-transmission and semi-reflecting lens)
    Automatic line finder

    Thimble support

    V-shaped cradle

    Locating plate pedal

    Round worktable

    50mm standard glass scale

    360mm measuring glass scale

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