Digital Concrete Test Hammer
  • Digital Concrete Test Hammer

Digital Concrete Test Hammer


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  • Digital Concrete Test Hammer  


    Real time displaying the rebound value and measuring progress

    and automatically storing measurement data

    Comply with international standards:

    Able to choose EN 12504-2、ASTM C805、ISO8045,ASTM D5873 etc.

    5 kinds of data series (areas) median valuing of statistical calculation method.

    Strength unit: Mpa、kg/cm2、psi

    Has the function of strength correction by concrete sample form actor

    Able to show the traditional rebound value(R value)

    Able to review and delete the history data

    Able to communicate with PC by USB without driver. Able to export the stored

    measurement data to PC for data treatment or review and set the parameter of apparatus.

    USB method on line upgrading.

    Supporting PC software: data import and storage,parameter checking or setting,special

    strength curve write-in statistic information of apparatus.

  • Impact energy: 2.207J

    Stiffness of impact spring: 785±30(N/m)

    Free length of impact spring: 61.5±0.3(mm)

    Working length of impact spring: 75.0±0.3(mm)

    (16kg,HRC60±2)Impact test on anvil: 83.0±2.0(“D”)

    Working environment: -4℃— +40℃

    Environment humidity: ≤95%(Relative humidity)

    Display: 2.8 inch OLED display,resolution 256*64

    Power:750mAh inner-mounted rechargeable lithium-ion battery

    USB charge voltage:5V,biggest current 500mA

    Storage capacity:6M bytes

    Wattage:working(mean) < 40mA,working plus Bluetooth

    communication<60mA,sleep mode<5mA

    PC communication:USB2.0 full speed mode,communication speed 12Mbps.

    USB working in HID mode,can be used without driver installation

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