High Strength Test Hammer
  • High Strength Test Hammer

High Strength Test Hammer


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  • High Strength Test Hammer


    CT-130 is is suitable for inspecting compressive strength of high-

    rise building components, bridges and concrete structures

    (such as blabs, beams, columns, bridge etc.)

    Our test hammer can meet the international standards:ASTM

    C 805, BS 1881:202, NF P18-417, DIN 1048 and UNI 9189.



    1) Center oriented rod using imported materials, high precision, wear-resistant;

    2) As per shell use superhard Al alloy material, therefore it avoid to damage instrument in-site woke, and to extend the instrument's life;

    3) Pointer slider with external spring ring structure, not only it is

    convenient for the friction adjustment, but also it ensures that the

    friction force for pointer shaft and slider is uniform, and to ensure

    the accuracy of the instrument. 

  • Standard accessory

    Measuring strength ranges: 50-80Mpa

    Normal impact energy: 9.8J(1Kgf.m)

    Strike hammer stroke: 140 mm

    The friction force of pointer slider: 0.5±0.8N

    The rebound values calibrated on steel anvil: 83±2

    Stiffness of strike tension spring:10N/cm

    Dimensions: Φ65*486mm

    Weight: ≈3.5Kg

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