Electrically Controlled  HD Industrial Endoscope
Electrically Controlled  HD Industrial Endoscope
  • Electrically Controlled  HD Industrial Endoscope
  • Electrically Controlled  HD Industrial Endoscope

Electrically Controlled HD Industrial Endoscope

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  • Electrically Controlled  HD Industrial Endoscope



    ◎Depth of field can be customized according to user’s requirements;

    ◎Insert Tube and tube diameter can be customized according to user’s requirements;

    ◎Software features can be customized according to user’s requirements.


    Energy industry

    For nuclear power plant,wind power plants, hydroelectric power

    plant, power plant, electric power construction unit testing 

    equipment, such as turbines, set equipment box, pipe, 

    condenser pipe, pump, boiler, heat exchanger, valves,

    pressure vessel defect detection, Detection Inspection and 



    Petrochemical industry

    Used for storage tanks, heat exchangers, spherical tanks,cars,

    chemical industry pipeline facilities,special inspection units

    and pressure vessel production units, suchas containers,

    cylinders,pipes and other internal defects inspection and inspection.



    For aircraft engine combustion chamber,and the weld surface,

    with the surface of the catheter, aircraft and other parts of

    the turbine blades,regular inspection or maintenance, and

    other aircraft, rocket,aerospace research and development,

    mold manufacturing.


    Automobile manufacturing

    Used to inspect the engine block,cylinder

    head,turbine,transmission,exhaust pipe,valve body, pump

    body,control module,oil pressure component,nozzles and other

    parts of the quality control and vehicle assembly inspection.


    Machine building

    Used for automobile  parts casting,  hydraulic  casting,pump

     body,valve  casting,mechanical parts casting,pipe fittings

    casting,used for checking casting,sand inclusion,burr and

    other quality control.


    Special inspection industry

    Used for boilers,  pressure  vessels,pressure  pipes,gas  

    cylinders,petroleum  and petrochemical storage tanks,

    boilers,header,water wall and gas cylinder inspection,

    pressure pipes on welds,pipe wall cracks, pipes, foreign

    bodies and so on.


    Food medicine machine

    Used in the manufacture  and installation  of food,beverage,

     biological  fermentation,  pharmaceutical industry,

    inspection containers,pipes,welding scars, weld formation and

    cleanliness,maintenance in installation  and use.


    Police safety

    Used in public security,armed forces inspection institutions,

    fire units and other units to carry out explosion-proof  security,

    city  anti-terrorism,customs  inspection,life  detection, etc..


    Military equipment

    For missiles,  warships,submarines,aircraft,armored  vehicles,

    diesel engine,barrel  and other  equipment manufacturing  quality

     control  and maintenance.


    After auto market

    For car maintenance,car 4S shop,chemical industry,on the engine

    combustion chamber, nozzle,valve,  piston  and three  Yuan

    catalysis,evaporation  tank,pipeline and gap check.

  • Smart Menu

    The menu design is simple and clear, easy to understand and easy to use,

    novices can get started without training.

    Eight  languages:  

    English,Japanese,  Korean,  German,  French,  Portuguese,  Spanish,  

     Russian. 0.1 second automatic exposure, automatic noise reduction,

    fast capture of the real details of the detected object, and feedback through

    high- definition pictures.

    Multi-function Joystick

    The multi-function joystick has one-key lock, step-by-step fine adjustment,

    fast and slow adjustment, automatic reset, OK confirmation, menu navigation

    function, making inspection work easier.



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