Metallography Examining Instrument
  • Metallography Examining Instrument

Metallography Examining Instrument

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  • Metallography Examining Instrument  


    MET-100 is suitable for the preparation of samples on site, as well as microscope observation and

    photomicrography. A simple and quick operation is ensured. Samples can be in prepared mechanically,

    chemically and electrolytically.    

    The microscope consists of a wide field-of-view eyepiece and a flat field-view achromatic objective. Brightness

    is adjustable. It has a micro-adjusting focus mechanism, the lens focus is stable and the images are clear. It is

    equipped with a halogen illumination to ensure the qual-ity of the images.    

    This kit is portable. It requires 220-240 VAC power which can be provided on site using a 12 Volt Gel cell and

    a small portable inverter.   

  • 1. Portable polisher

     ●The portable polisher consists of a modulating speed motor, a flexible shaft, a polishing handle, a polishing & grinding disk etc.

    ●The rotating speed is stable to ensure precise grinding and polishing.

    ●Power supply: 220V AC, 50Hz.120W.

    ●Stepless speed control: 0-12000rpm   

    2. Portable electrolytic polisher

    ●Digital display, voltage & current stabilizer, short circuit protection

    ● Input: 220V AC, 50Hz

    ● Output: DC 0-30V, 0-2A   

    3. Portable Metalloscope

    ●The wide flat field-of-view achromatic objective ensures a clear view of the image.

    ●The dual-line switchable high magnet energy microscope basement steadily fixes the microscope on the test object.

    ●Various pipe tubes with different diameters and plane can be tested. The view-field can be freely modified in X or Y direction.

    ●Magnifications: 100X-640X.

    ●Eyepiece: 10X.

    ●Objective: 10X, 25X, 40X.

    ●Light source: 6V 15W   

    4. Microscope photographer

    ●The camera can be connected to the microscope for photography on site

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