Darkroom Timer
Darkroom Timer
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    Darkroom timer RDT-30 with red caution light is a newly

    developed intelligent product,we adopt singlechip programming.

    Technology in control sector of the machine,regular time

    is  0-30 min,and min,sec can be set respectively,it is of high

    accuracy and easy to operate.

    High brightness LED is installed  in luminouscomponen, besides,

    it enjoys a long lifespan and it’s brightness is adjustable.

  • Operations 

    1. The screen with “05” will show when power is turned on; 

    2. Range of set time 1 second to 30mins.  

    Timer setting:  

    Step1:Min setting: press the button Set once  , the two digits 

    will be fleshing and you can set the numberofmins by pressing 

    the up and down buttons, the maximum  is 30;  

    Step2:Sec setting: Press the button Set again ,the two digits

    will be fleshing and you can set the number of secs by pressing

    the up and down buttons, the maximum is 59; Pressing the 

    button Set again and the setting is finished. 
    3.Press the button Start/Stop when setting is finished and it will

    start to recount , It will start to alarm from the last 15 seconds

    and the screen will be fleshing when the time is up.

    Press the Start/Stop button the timer will return to the time you set.     

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