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LED Film Viewer
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LED Film Viewer

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    1. Armed with the most teliable high power LED, make this fimviewer excellent!

    2. Deluxe and attractive Aluminum alloy outer covering.

    3. LED operating life is longer than 50000 hours.

    4. Powerful cool off fan is used, Sustains 10 hours of continuous working.



    1.Plug in the foot pedal,

    2.Turn the power on,brightness is at the lowest point;

    3.There are two operating models: with the foot pedal switch model or without model.

       There is a Dip switch on the right side of the viewer . It will automaically set on the With foot pedal switch model when it is on and in this model you can adjust the dimmer by pressing the foot pedal switch and turnning the knob(the preset brightness is 90000Lux) clockwise brightness up and anti-clockwise brightness down; Press the knob once ,will shift to the without model, you can adjust the dimmer by turnning the knob simply.

    4.Check the cool-off fan frequently and stop working when it is out of control!!! 


    Power Voltage : AC 110~220V

    Power consumption : 100W

    Illumination : ≥200000Lux

    Dimensions : 520X150X100mm

    Net Weight : 2.8kg

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