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    Main features

    1. This model is the economical & practical instrument designed for metallography

        specimen preparing. It can meet the demands of specimen preparing from

        customers very well. 

    2. This model is designed and manufactured as per international advanced

        specimen preparing technology. 

    3. Equipped with beautiful appearance glass fibre reinforced plastic machine

        shell and full stainless steel parts which never rust.

    4. Equipped with double motors & double working disks. The working disk can

        be changed and replaced swiftly.

    5. There are two optional types: 200mm or 250mm working disk. 

    6. There are two working conditions for this model: the stepless speed changing

        status or two-level constant speed status.  The working condition can be switched

        from one to another easily. Also the rotating direction of working disk can be chosen at will.

    7. One key restoring function.

  • 1. Rotating speed of working disk: 50-600rpm (stepless speed changing) or                                                     

                                                          150/300rpm (two-level constant speed)

    2. Diameter of working disk: 200mm / 250mm

    3. Power supply: 220V 50Hz

    4. Net weight: 75 Kg

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