Manual Abrasive Cutter
  • Manual Abrasive Cutter

Manual Abrasive Cutter


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  • Manual Abrasive Cutter
    M101 Manual Abrasive Cutter is suitable for cutting general metallography and lithofacies material specimens. This machine features safety & reliable performance, low noise and easy operation. It is the ideal instrument for specimen preparing purpose used in colleges, laboratories & factories.
  • 1. Cutting power: 3.0KW 

    2. Sand wheel:  350 x 2 x 32mm

    3. Rotating speed: 2800 rpm

    4. Max. cutting diameter: Ø100 mm

    5. Power supply: 380V or 220V, 50Hz 

    6. Dimensions: 650 x 600 x 1400mm

    7. Equipped with double driving vises & T-notch wide worktable,  and this is very

    favourable for customers to clamp all kinds of strange shape work pieces.

    8. Equipped with 60L cooling liquid tank. 

    6. Equipped with cooling liquid filtering system.

    7. Independent cutting illuminating system

    8. The sink & cutting room have been specially treated and will never be rusty.

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