Twin Indenter Digital Micro Hardness Tester
  • Twin Indenter Digital Micro Hardness Tester

Twin Indenter Digital Micro Hardness Tester


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  • Twin Indenter Digital Micro Hardness Tester

    ● DM4 is precision micro Vickers hardness testing machines integrated the technology of optics, mechanics and

       compute, and it is focus on the vickers testing under the small force, and mainly applicable to measure t he

       hardness value of ferrous metals and non ferrous metals.

    ● Equipped with a LCD screen, the operation is more directly and clearly.

    ●Can display the measuring methods, testing force, indentation length, hardness value, dwell time of the testing

       force as well as the number of measurement.

    ● Can save and revise the date, record the measuring results, compute the data, outputting the information with

        the printer.

    ● Hardness conversion among 4 hardness scales, and linking to PC in RS 232 interface and cable.

    ● Adopt the design of double indenters, it equips with HV and HK indenter together, It is more suitable to measure

       the hardness of IC thin sections, coatings , ply metals; Glass, ceramics, agate , precious stones and other brittle

       and hard material.



    -10X Objective ( 100 Total Magnification)

    -40X Objective ( 400 Total Magnification)

    -Electronic eyepiece 10x with linear optical electronic

    -Scale high definition division 0,1µ 0,5 HV for loads 10-1000gf.

    -Piece-bearing X-Y table 25x25mm, div. 0.01mm.

    -Diamond indenter Vickers or Knoop

    -C-Mount camera port

    -Micro Vickers or Knoop test blocks with traceable certificate

    -Spare LED, & User manual

    -Calibration certificate traceable to NIST

    -Precision clamping vice capacity 25mm

  • Technical Specifications:

    Product Name

    Double-Indenter Digital 
    Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

    Testing Force






    HV and HK Indenter

    Lens & Indenter Switch


    Indentation Measurement

    Digital Sensor Measurement

    Loading Control

    Automatic (Loading, Dwell, Unloading)

    Magnification of Microscope

    Observation:10x; Measurement:40x

    Digital Eyepiece


    Auto Hardness Conversion


    Hardness Indication

    LCD display

    Dwell Time

    Adjustable 1~99s

    Testing Range


    X-Y Anvil

    Size:100x100mm; Travel:25 x25mm; Resolution:2um


    Adjustable LED 6V, Cold light-source


    D1、D2 、HV/HRC/HB/HK、Time

    Max. Height of Specimen


    Instrument Throat


    Power Supply


    Execution Standard

    EN-ISO6507, ASTME10-18, ASTME-384


     Standard Accessories

    - Manual X-Y stage
    - Precision vice
    - Standard test block (HMV700) 
    - Diamond indenter
    - Measuring microscope electronic type 
    - TV CCD Auto Measure
    - 10X Objective
    - 40X Objective
    - Level adjusting leg
    - Light source led (12V 18W)
    - Auxiliary tools
    - Instruction manual
    - Accessories box

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