Brinell Optical Measuring System
  • Brinell Optical Measuring System

Brinell Optical Measuring System


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  • Brinell Optical Measuring System


    ◆ Almost all the current Brinell Hardness Testers measure indentation with traditional mechanical reading microscope. It a sks for high visual reading precision, which could be easily influenced by environmental factors. Moreover, the visual-read diameter has to manually record. After measured at least twice getting average value, the operator has to look up to the hardness table to look for the corresponding Brinell Hardness value.

    ◆ BH-10C is Auto-Brinell Optical Measuring System developed based on Windows operating system. It can be used in connect with any kind of Brinell Hardness Tester on the market, automatically gets the Brinell hardness  and will replace traditional mechanical reading microscope.

    ◆BH-10C applies advanced visual technology, shooting the indentation by portable digital microscope and identifying the indentation precisely even under complex background to measure Brinell hardness. Operator needn’t predicate edge of the indentation, record indentation length, and check hardness table. BH-10C can realize auto-measuring, auto-recording, auto-saving and auto-generating hardness measuring chart.

    ◆A professional operator needs about two minutes when completing one measurement by mechanical reading microscope ,which leads to low efficiency. And propagating errors will be caused during measuring while the operation of BH-10C needs no professional operator, and the Brinell hardness will precisely come out within one second.


    BH-10C can be used in lab, and also can be used in connect with Windows tablet PC and laptop on site.



    1. Streamlined Design:

    Portable microscope applies steam-line design. It bears delicate appearance and comfortable hand feeling.


    2. Magnetic Probe

    The contact surface of measuring microscope applies ring magnet, making it adsorbs vertically on

    the magnetic specimen without help of hands.


    3. HD Image

    Microscope applies LED cold light source, high definition optical system and CMOS digital camera. Indentation can clearly re-appear in image .



    4. Auto-Identification   

    BH-10C can identify indentation edge automatically, and measuring indentation circle automatically (above 200 points for one circle). It calculates diameter and gets Brinell hardness automatically. For large indentation, the whole indentation need’t show up, more than 1/2 indentation appear on the interface can be measured.


    5. One-key Measuring

    BH-10C has a simple and generous interface, operator can use without professional training.

    There is no need to do manual selection, just one key operation, the indentation diameter

    and hardness value will come out.


    BH-10C also reserves the basic selection function like Two-point, Three-point, and whole selection. Image magnification can be used in manual measuring, improving manual measuring precision.

    6. Easy Calibration

    BH-10C initial calibration can be done with glass scale and Brinell standard hardness block. After calibrating a scale (K value), it needn’t do calibration again when the measuring scale is changed,

    we can directly measure in new scale.


    7.Report Output

    BH-10C displays indentation diameter, measuring value, Max, Min, conversion value (HRA, HRB,HRC,HV,HS, tensile strength, etc.). Auto saving indentation image, and department and operator can be user defined. Word, Excel can be generated automatically without manual record.   


    8. Strong Compatibility

    BH-10C can be used in connect with any kind of Brinell Hardness Tester, compatible with WIN7, WIN8, WIN10.

  • Techinical Specification:



    Camera Field of View


    Measuring Range


    Indentation Resolution


    Hardness Resolution


    Measuring Accuracy


    Compatible Indenter

    10mm and 5mm steel ball

    Indentation Length


    Operating System

    Win7, Win8, Win10

    Standard Delivery:

    Product Name


    BH-10C 10mm/5mm Reading Microscope


    200 HBW10/3000 Standard Hardness Block


    USB Microscope Video Cable


    Software Disk


    Accessories Box


    Software Manual Operation


    Optional Delivery:

    Product Name


    2.5mm Reading Microscope BH-10C

    Windows tablet PC

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