Sound Level Meter
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Sound Level Meter

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  • Sound Level Meter  

    Application: It is widely used to test the sound level of environment, mechanic, vehicle, ship and other noise.

    Fit for industry environment protecting, working, sanitation, teaching search and other departments.

    Key words:
  • Standards: IEC 651 Type 2, ANSIS 1.4 Type 2.

    Display: 10mm LCD

    Function: LP, Leq, LN.

    Frequency range: 31.5Hz~8 kHz

    Measurement range:

    LP: 30~130dB (A)

    35~130dB (C)

    35~130 dB (F)

    Leq: 30-130dB

    LN.: 0-100%

    Resolution: 0.1 dB

    Accuracy: 1dB

    Memory: Maximum value (30groups)

    Indicator: Low battery indicator

    Alarm: Electron

    Connector: RS232C

    Power supply: 4x1.5v AAA (UM-4 battery

    Size: 236 x 63 x26 mm

    Weight: 170g (including batteries)

    Standard delivery:

    1. Main Unit---------------1pc

    2. Carrying Case...1pc.

    3. Operation Manual...1pc.

    Optional Accessories:

    1. ND9 sound level meter calibrator

    2. RS-232 and software

    3. AC adapter 4. Bluetooth interface


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