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  • Product Name: Intelligent Instrument Pendulum Impact Tester
  • Product No.: CH/IMP-150P
  • Brief Introdction:

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Intelligent Instrument Pendulum Impact Tester

An intelligent instrument impact tester is a new product developed the company and

scientific research institutes,by learning foreign technology.The tester is developed in

accordance with the requirements of ISO14556:2000 “Steel-charpy V-charpy

V-notch Pendulum Impact

Test-instrumented Test Method”.Through the testing of impact force value,

the acquisition and analysis of data in impact process and the drawing of an

energy change curve, different stages of material rupture are given and physical

meaning and explanation are defined to provide detailed and accurate data for

the behavior of researching and analyzing the material rupture process.

The intelligent instrument impact tester will become the substitution and

development direction of the conventional common impact tester.  

Technical Characteristics:

1.A pedestal of a mainframe stand and an upright post are integrally designed, and

   are cast and machined integrally, which ensure good rigidity and improve the stability

   of the test.

2. A pendulum shaft adopts a freely supported beam mode for bearing; and the radial load

    of the bearing is reasonably distributed, which greatly reduces the energy loss brought

    by bearing friction.

3.The tester adopts a double-stage standard reducing motor for lifting the hammer; and

    a pendulum hanging device adopts hydraulic buffer and has smooth pendulum hanging.

4. The pendulum hammer is designed to be a circular pendulum body, which ensures

     the accuracy of the striking center and the precision of pendulum hammer torque.    

5. An impact cutter is fixedly mounted by a bolt, and simple and convenient to replace.    

6. The tester is equipped with a safety protection pin and a fully-closed protective cover.    

7. The tester is controlled by a microcomputer and completes the whole process of

     pendulum taking,  impacting, automatic pendulum raising and re-impacting for several

     tests according to instructions.    

8. The tester is provided with a force transducer and an angle displacement transducer

    and has the  functions of high-speed sampling, storage and calculation.    

9.The microcomputer can obtain a force-time curve, a displacement-time curve,an

    energy-time curve, a force-displacement curve, an energy-displacement curve and other


10.The tester can provide a plurality of characteristic values of impact speed, impact time,

    impact energy, absorbed energy, displacement, crack formation energy, crack

    expansion  energy, yield strength, yield time, yield displacement, yield energy, 

    maximal force, time in maximal force, displacement in maximal force, energy

    in maximal force, unstable crack expansion initial force, unstable crack

    expansion terminal force, unstable crack expansion  terminal displacement,

    unstable crack expansion initial energy and unstable crack expansion

    terminal energy.

Model No.






Impact Energy






Scale Range and Division Value of Scale Disk

0-150J the division value of each grid is 1J

0-300J the division value of each grid is 2J

0-450J the division value of each grid is 3J

0-600J the division value of each grid is 4J

0-750J the division value of each grid is 5J

Distance between Axis of Pendulum Shaft and Striking Center






Maximal Impact Speed






Span of Test Sample Support

40 +0.2mm

Radius of Circular Arc in the End Part of the Test Sample Support



Radius of Circular Arc of Impact Blade



Included Angle of Impact Cutter



Thickness of Impact Cutter

16 mm

Specification of Test Sample

10×10×55 mm

Precision of Force Transducer


Resolution of Angular Displacement Transducer