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  • Product Name: Charpy And Izod Pendulum Impact Tester
  • Product No.: CH/IZ-25
  • Brief Introdction:

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Charpy And Izod Pendulum Impact Tester 

It is used for test engineering plastics, glass-steel, ceramics, casting stone, plastic wiring,

 insulating material, plastic pipe material and other non –metallic materials for anti- impact

intensity. The products satisfy the standard demands of ISO 179, ISO 180, ASTM D256,

DIN53453,ISO9854,DIN12608 and others.  











Model No



Distance between clamps of  Charpy

40mm  60mm  70mm  95mm

40mm  60mm  70mm  95mm

(Charpy) Impact energy

1J  2J  4J  5J

7.5J  15J  25J

1J  2J  4J  5J

7.5J  15J  25J 50J

(Charpy)Impact speed





(Izod) Impact energy

1J  2.75J  5.5J  11J  22J

1J  2.75J  5.5J  11J  22J

(Izod)Impact speed



Main configuration:

1.Main frame                                                                               one

2.Cantalever girder grip                                                            one

3.Fastness support seat(on charpy impact grip)              one

4.Movement support seat(on charpy impact grip)             one

5.Former for regulate center( 40,60,70,95)                        one set

6.Adjustment gasket(2 ,2.5,3.5, 5,7 )                                   two each

7.R1 R2 supporting knife-edge                                                 two each

8.Cantalever girder benchmark                                                one

9.Charpy impact hammer(1J 4J 7.5J 15J 25J )                 one each

10.Cantalever girder hammer(1J 5.5J 11J 22J )               one each

11.Charpy impact weight(2J 5J)                                          one each

12.Cantalever girder weight (2.75J)                                         one

13.Power line                                                                             one

14.Internal six angle spanner(4、5、6、8)                       one each

15.Screwdriver                                                                            one