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  • Product Name: Gasoline Engine Tachometer
  • Product No.: 8237
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Gasoline Engine Tachometer 

Inductive type measure the engine speed by noncontact Measuring the temperature cooling

water in engine by contact

Testing the rotate speed of multi-cylinder in same time,or testing one of cylinder rotate speed

Testing the rotate speed used to 2 stokes and 4 strokes

Can set the cylinder in 2,3,4,5,6,8,12 or set the impulse of each rotation

Memory the maximum value,minimum value and last value

Can store 300 testing data

Low battery alarming

Yellow-green back light ℃ and ℉

Temperature switch function

Rotation Speed Range:100-19999RPM

Rotation Speed Resolution:±1RPM



Temperature Range:0-200℃

Temperature Resolution:±0.5℃

Temperature Accuracy:±2℃