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  • Product Name: VD Series Video Attachment For Microscope
  • Product No.: VD SERIES
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VD Series Video Attachment For Microscope

It can be easily inserted in eyepiece tubes of any standard biological and stereo microscopes.

The micro-image displays immediately on TV or computer screen.It is suitable for image demonstration and analysis.


1.It looks like an Eyepiece and can be easily inserted into eyepiece,tube of microscope. The digital Micro-image

    is immediately picked up by computer. It is used in the field of image demonstration and analysis.

2. USB is used to adapt with PC. It is freely plugged and unplugged.

3. High resolution CMOS chip , digital signal can display on pc monitor directly .

4. Equipped with different Versions Software:  

    Image driving Soft Ware  

    Micro-image Process software (optional)  

    Senior micro-image analysis software (optional)