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  • Product Name: HDT And Vicat Tester
  • Product No.: HVT-303P
  • Brief Introdction:

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 HDT And Vicat Tester 

HVT-303P HDT AND VICAT TESTER is widely used in the production of plastic

materials and products and scientific research.It adopts PC controlled technology,

measures and controls temperature and deformation automatically, gets test

results automatically.In addition, with compact frame, beautiful style, stable quality,

it is a high performance testing machine and has functions of discharging

lampblack pollution and cooling, so that it is welcomed by customers.

HVT-303 HDT AND VICAT TESTER adopts computer control technology,

WINDOWS English interface,measure the control temperature and deflectiondraw

test curve real time,calculate the test result automatically and print the test report.

This machine is standard type. Equipment conforms to the standards: ISO75,

ISO306, ASTM D648,ASTMD 1525, DIN 53460, DIN 53461


Main technical data:

1. Heat Deflection Temperature: room temperature to 300

2. Vicat Softening Temperature: room temperature to 300

3. Test Station: 4 stations

4. Heating Speed:  120 /h12±1 /6min50 C /h5±0.5 /6min

5. Whole set of English version control software and adapter for

    Windows system.

6. Deflection measuring Range: 1mm

7. Maximum Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5

8. Temperature error:  ±0.5

9. Maximum deflection error: 0.01mm

10. Heating power: 4KW

11. Distortion Range: -0.1mm-1.1mm

12. Heating Medium: Methyl silicon oil

13. Power supply : 110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz

14. Dimension: 1200mmH 550mmW 530mmD

15. Sample frame automatic raise and fall.

Main configuration:

1. Mainframe                                                          one

2. Prod with VICAT testing                                    four

3. Press head with Heat Deflection testing         four