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  • Product Name: Universal Testing Machine
  • Product No.: UTM-100KN
  • Brief Introdction:

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Universal Testing Machine

Technical specification:

1. Maximum Test load             100kN

2. Measuring range               0-100kN

3. indicating value accuracy of measured load  better than ±1% of indicating value

4. Measuring load can be shifted or not           

    Shift:              0-100kN 、0-50kN、0-20kN、0-10kN

    Not shift

5. Load resolution        

    shift                  300000 yards     

    Non-shift              300000 yards(only one resolutions in full scale, non-shifts between inside

    and outside, no conflicts exsiting for conversion of travel

6. Test speed                   0.01-500mm/min

7. speed accuracy                   0.1mm/min

8. deformation accuracy          better than ±1% of indicating value

9. displacement accuracy          better than ±1% of indicating value

10. effective width of test                535mm

11. Maximum distance between grips      700mm

12. Maximum distance between platens     1000mm

13. platens diameter               128mm

14. overload protection      with multiple protection of overload, travel position limit

15. dimension of load frame     1016mm×780mm×2155mm

16. Power supply                AC 3 phases 4 wires 380V

17. Power                    1500W

18. weight                      1000kg

Standard confirguration

1. Load frame   1 set

2. Tensile fixture  1 set (Flat grip  0-7,7-14mm all 1 pair;  round grip φ4-9, φ9-14 all 1 pair)   

3. Compression fixture   1 set

4. 3 point bending fixture   1 set            

5. high precision ball lead screw    2 pcs

6. Hight precision column type load cell    1 pc

7. Servo system (Servo motor and servo driver)       Japan Panasonic

8. Extensometer  1 pc(Gauge length 50mm、deformation 25mm)     

9. Reducer   Taiwan Luosheng

10. Other components(Standard pieces, connection device, gearing device ) 1 set

11. manual, automatic control hardware  1 set

12. auto control software package   1 set

13. Lenovo computer  1 set (Model M4600,17CRT),Confriguration

      PDC E21800/1G DDRII/SATA2 160G(7200 R)/SATA DVD/Sound card/Integrated 

      KiloMega network card /Integrated high performance video card /Keyboard/USB

      Photoelectrical mouse/XP HOME /front built 2  USB2.0/Sky application 08A

      for XP)/180W power supply/guarantee for 3 years

14. HP Deskjed A4 Jet printer  1 set      

15. connected cable  1 set   

16. Data process software package  1 set (running in Windows 98, windows 2000 or windows XP)

17. Computer desk 1pc