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  • Product Name: Temperature Data Logger
  • Product No.: DL-30/DL-1/DL-32
  • Brief Introdction:

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Temperature Data Logger 

DL-30/DL-1/DL-32 is a series of Temperature Data Logger with high performance versus lower price ratio, which specializes in such features as simple operation, reliable capability, low power consumption, data reservation after electricity breaking and upstanding water-proof design. The LCD can display working status and temperature values. Besides, the Data Processing (DP) software has friendly interface and can be easily used.

The Data logger can be widely used in food, medicine, refrigeration chain transportation and the walks of life, which are accordant with HACCP. It also can be applied to the locals such as labs where need temperature supervision.

Main Functions:

DL-30/DL-1/DL-32 take on the function of user information setting: include user information, stand number, upper and lower limit alarming parameters, working status indication; single button operation, status indication light can indicate each working status, start recording, select to stop recording; in comply with HACCP requirements; fixed ways of temperature sensor: the Internal and the External. (external as default). Furthermore, it can set recording interval, upper and lower

Technical parameters:

1. Power supply: 2.4Ah 3.6V one non-chargeable lithium battery (when the Data Logger is availably connected to the computer, power is supplied through the USB port)

2. Temperature measuring rang: External sensor: -40.0℃~ 70.0℃ Inner sensor: -30.0℃~50.0℃

3. Accuracy of temperature measuring: at normal temp.±0.5℃(-20℃~20℃); at ±1℃(other ranges)

4. Resolution: 0.1℃

5. Recording cycle: 2s~24h continuous set or 1 week ~ 6 months distributed automatically

6. Sensor: NTC

7. Real-time transfers: the Interval time (10s~ 24h) adjustable.

8. Recording capacity: DL-30: 3900poits DL-31: 8000 points DL-32: 16000 points.

9. Applicable environment: Temperature: -30℃~50℃ Humidity:15%~85%

10. Data output: Connect the computer with the USB port to transfer data

11. Safe level: IP65

Display representation (LCD display)

1. Specifications of LCD status:

busy:Under busy status, it enters normal status after restarting and passing this status. :

Upper limit alarm status, when temperature is above the upper limit, it displays this alarm status. 

Lower limit alarm status, when temperature is above the lower limit, it displays this alarm status

Wait:Recording not activated,continuously press the key for 5s to start recording

Record:Under recording status End: Recording ending status

Max:The recorded maximum value Min: The recorded minimum value

Act:Actual data Log: Recorded data

EE:Sensor error status :

The quantity of battery's electric charge ℃:Temperature unit


Max. Length: 104.5mm   Max. Width: 66.5mm   Max. Height: 30mm