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  • Product Name: Digital Torque Meter
  • Product No.: M-200
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Digital Torque Meter

M digital torque meter is instrument for setting the torque of Automatically stopped pneumatic and electric screwdrivers, testing such tools as torque drivers and torque wrenches, measuring the torque of rotating parts, and also for systematizing extensive production control processes with computers. Designed as easy-to-operate, accurate, and economical tools, the M-X is widely used for products in many industries ranging from electronic equipment, cameras, watches and measuring instruments to automobiles and aircraft.
1.For measuring the torque setting of Automatically stopped pneumatic and electric screwdriver, torque drivers and torque wrenches.
2.For inspecting the torque of Automatically stopped pneumatic and electric screwdrivers, torque drivers, and wrenches, as well as for official inspection and function control.
3.For many other applications of which jig tools are devised. (Example).
For collecting date on hole diameters pre paired for tap-ping screws:
For torque classifiers of rotating parts;
For controlling bottle capfastening;
For testing breakdown of small parts;
For quality control of plastic screws and parts.

1.Torque reading is simple and accurate because torque is displayed on a clear digital display.
2. by holding and displaying the peak torque value, you can set torque for tools precisely.
3. Meters work both clockwise and counter clockwise, so you can easily measure torque while tightening and loosening peieces.
4. The mechanism is simple and robust because the strain gauge is directly attached to the torque detector.
5. Meters conform with the SPC(Statistical Process Control) system.
6. The analog output can be used for many applications, including wave form observation, and recording and judgment of measured date.
7. Meters are easies to carry, they are compact, lightweight, and powered by a rechargeable battery.
8. In order to save energy, the Instrument will Auto sleep If there is no operation in 4 minutes when HOLD.

Model No.





Test range

0.15-11.5Kgf.cm Max

1.5-55Kgf.cm Max

0.15-115.0Kgf.cm Max

3-199.9Kgf.cm Max



Measure unit

Kgf.cm CN.m Lbf.in Ozf.in Automatic conversion

Main function

Maintain peak, data tracking, automatic zero

Charging time

8 hours

Working hours

30 hours

Power charge



Shell mold casting, solid and reliable, durable