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    Steel anvil for verification of the hammer,defined with a hardness of minimum 52 HRC and a mass of  (16 ± 1) kg and a diameter of approximately 150 mm.



    Verification on an anvil will not guarantee that different hammer will yield the same results at other points on the rebound scale.

    In fact, the requirements were based on our base anvil. Our old client anvil has less mass (13 kg) and the hardness on the surface is approximately 28 HRC only.

    When the draft of the standard was issued, we intervened to change the requirements to match the properties of the client anvil. But as you can see, without success.Remark to the note in the EN 12504-2:2001 shown above in italics: Regular checking and adjustment of the different points, as mentioned in our service manual for the concrete test hammer, is a guarantee for consistant performance throughout the life span of the hammer.

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