Multi-functional Hardness Tester UHT-920
  • Multi-functional Hardness Tester UHT-920

Multi-functional Hardness Tester UHT-920

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  • Features:

    1. The machine adopts the full closed loop sensor control system with high precision, high repeatability

    and stability.

    2. Maximum test force: 250kgf.

    3. The whole steel plate is welded, the structure is strong and the rigidity is good.

    4. Comply with the International standard of ASTM DIN, ISO, JIS, and China standard of GB as well.

    5. LCD liquid crystal display or computer screen display, direct digital display measurement results and

    a conversion of related hardness value.

    6. Switchable operation between Chinese & English.


    Technique Parameters of Equipment:

      Vickers hardness scale Brinell hardness scale Rockwell hardness scale:

    HV1 HB2.5/62.5,15.625,31.25,62.5,187.5 A,B,C,D

    HV3 HBT2.5/62.5 HBT2.5/187.5 E,F,H,K,L

    HV5 HB5/25,62.5,125,250 M,P,R,S,V

    HV10 HB10/100,250 15N,30N,45N

    HV30 HBT5/250 30T,45T,15W

    HV50 30W,45W,15X

    HV100 30X,45X,15Y

    HVT50 30Y,45Y



    Test load resolution: 0.1kgf and programmable.

    Minimum detection resolution: 0.2um.

    Objective magnification: 70X, 140X.

    Test force time: 1-99 seconds.

    Loading and unloading mode: automatic closed-loop sensor control.

    Test process: automatic.

    Display: LCD menu display, current ruler, hardness value, statistical data, average value, standard


    Test height: less than 250 mm.

    Test depth: 130mm.

    The minimum diameter of the cylinder: 3mm.

    Working power supply: 220V/50Hz


    CCD Image automatic Measurement Software

    The measurement and control of the system is to use a high-resolution image device, the

    indentation will be clearly displayed on the computer screen.

    The hardness of the test indentation is automatically measured by the signal conversion software.

    Depth and gradient curves can be drawn for fixed-point and continuous testing.

    Support the operating systems of WIN9X, WINNT, WIN2000, WIN XP and so on.

    It can be used to test in micro Vickers, Knoop, Carburizing layer and so on.

    Hardness values can be automatically converted in many forms.

    High or low power objective lenses can be chosen as required.

    Image clarity: > 540 lines. The contrast and brightness of the image can be adjusted.

    Image files and data files can be opened and stored separately, printing, etc.

    Data files and image files can be viewed at any time. The data files are printed in the form of tables

    and curves.



    It can be used to continuous test of reading indentation after continuous loading, and can be

    used to carry out the successive experiments of each loading and reading indentation.

    The ccd camera and video line are used to directly observe and measure indentation on the

    display, and the accuracy of the measurement is high with the mouse.

    For setting test conditions, the display results can be clearly and quickly operated and displayed.

    By means of measuring software, the computer can be used to operate conveniently, and the

    single point measurement can be used to measure multi-point and statistical data at random.

    The interval between two or more measuring points can be used to measure the depth of

    seepage layer in X or Y directions, and the data can be measured statistically.

    According to the judgment value (such as 550), the depth of seepage layer is calculated automatically.

    Statistical calculation, conversion, display curve, judging whether qualified or not, etc. The length and

    angle of parts can be measured, and the graphics can be saved and printed. It can be used as a small projector.


    CCD Automatic Measurement Configuration:

    1. Computer: Lenovo brand, 160G hard disk, 1G memory, 19-inch LCD screen (wide screen),

    A color inkjet printer

    2. A image acquisition card.

    3. An encrypted dog.

    4. A camera set.

    5. Measurement software

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