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Digital Readout


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    ● Adopt the wide screen to display information, and display in sufficiency. It is more convenient for users to operator and learn;
    ● Support four languages: Simple Chinese, Complicated Chinese, Portuguese and English;
    ● The counting accuracy of the sampling circuit of linear scale can reach to 24 bit, and the frequency of counting can reach to 1MHZ, it is correspond to the counting speed is almost 5 meters per second in 1 um distinguish rate;
    ● Can store the measured data in 200 groups and this data will not lost after power turn off ;
    ● Can set up and save the operation time and date;
    ● With screen protection function, time can be in free setting from 001 minutes to 240 minutes;
    ● With recording function, the user can record the operational program and is convenient to be operated next time;
    ● Except for the basic measuring elements such as dot, line, circle, distance and angle, we add some special elements measuring function, for example: rectangle, ellipse, thread, slotted hole, fillet and so on;
    ● Thread measurement has three modes: common thread, trapezoidal thread and buttress thread.
    ● Slotted hole measurement not only measure but also display hole center coordinate,long axis and short axis distance, perimeter, area and so on;
    ● Fillet measurement not only measure but also display the coordinate of the center and arc, arc radius,the coordinate of arc chamfers on both sides,area and so on;
    ● With cycle measurement function,there is no need to select elements function repeatedly when measuring the single element,thus save time and improve operation efficiency.

    Main Functions:

    ● Measurement of point, line, circle, angle, distance, rectangle, screw thread, ellipse, slot, rounding, preset and construction. Sampling points maximum up to 50.
    ● Coordinate skew and movement ,it is more convenient that the operator can skew position of work-pieces for measuring , which can reduce adjust time obviously;
    ● Clearance function can delete list, adjustment, and all;
    ● Obverse or Opposite direction counting function, according to the operators requirement;
    ● Half function, rapidly determine to display 1/2 value, and confirm midpoint of section;
    ● Permission function: Advanced setup can be done after right password input;
    ● Call function: input record ID to use existing element;
    ● Communication port of foot-switch or REINSHAW probe available;
    ● Printing: print graphic elements and 3-axis displaying value;
    ● RS232 output function: convey current position of linear scale to PC;
    ● Multi-display, separately display polar coordinates and Cartesian coordinates, and can display millimeter and inch , and can shift it easily;
    ● Linear compensation and section compensation in available;
    ● Z-axis can connect linear scale and rotate encoder.

  • Specification:



    Operate Keyboard

    Sealed Silicone touch-type keyboard

    Display Language

    Simple Chinese, Complicated Chinese, English, Portuguese

    LCD screen size

    107.8mmx 17.7mm

    Digit Display Rang

    8 digits (With Decimal Polint)

    Display Axis

    3-Axis(X, Y, Z/Q)

    Z/Q-axis Display Model

    Length or Angle

    Angle Display Model

    Degree, Minutes and Second or Degree

    Optional Resolution


    Data Output

    RS 232

    Brat Rate


    Input Voltage



    235x 155 x 55mm

    Net weight

    About 1Kg


    Measurement of Line

    Measurement of Point

    Measurement of Ditstance

    Data Time

    Measurement of Circle

    Measurement of Rectangle

    Measurement of Ellipse

    Measurement of Slot Hole

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