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Cross Hatch Tester


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  • Cross Hatch Tester

    This is a simple but effective method for determining the coating adhesion on a wide range of substrates. This adhesion tester is ideal for coatings on flat surfaces and is available with one of three different spacings;

    1mm spacing - for coating thickness <60µm (2.4mils)

    2mm spacing - for coating thickness <125µm (5.0mils)

    3mm spacing - for coating thickness <250µm (9.8mils)

    Each cross hatch gauge can be combined in a kit with a standardised brush and x10 magnifier.

    Efficient cross hatch cutter with 6 cutting faces

    Anodised aluminium handle with a wheel for stable operation, ideal for test panels

    Supplied with an adjustment gauge for accurate positioning of the cutter face for better adhesion test results

    ASTM D3359,ISO2409-1992,DIN 2409, ECCA T-6,BS 3900E6

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    Cross-Cut Kit, 6-edge 1 mm


    Cross-Cut Kit, 6-edge 2 mm


    Cross-Cut Kit, 11-edge 1 mm


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