Digital Pull-Off Adhesion Tester
  • Digital Pull-Off Adhesion Tester

Digital Pull-Off Adhesion Tester


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  • Digital Pull-Off Adhesion Tester

    KT-130 digital pull-off adhesion tester is ideal for adhesion and bond strength testing of all types of films, coatings, laminates, adhesives, metals plastic coatings, concrete coats, and mortars and plasters and other materials. Digital Pull-Off Adhesion Tester is very handy is an easy to use, lightweight hydraulic adhesion tester that applies an increasing level of pull off force to a dolly adhered to the surface under test simply by pumping hand pump. The adhesion testing equipment has conecting socket head for self alignment ensuring the pull off force is always applied 90º to the coating even on uneven substrate surfaces. The self adjusting feature results in extremely accurate and reproducible adhesion test results. This test method covers a procedure for evaluating the pull-off strength (Referred to as adhesion) of a coating system from metal substrates. This test method maximizes tensile stress as compared to the shear stress applied by other methods, such as scratch or knife adhesion, and results may not be comparable. Results obtained are in Mpa or psi as per choice of customer. The test is performed by securing a self aligning quick coupling (dolly) perpendicular to the surface of the coating with an adhesive. After the adhesive is cured, a testing apparatus is attached to the loading fixture and aligned to apply tension perpendicular to the test surface. The force applied is gradually increased and monitored until either a plug of coating material is detached, or a specified value is reached.

    Digital Pull-Off Adhesion Tester is a portable, hand-operated instrument which is used to measure the force required to pull a specified test diameter of coating away from its substrate using hydraulic pressure. The pressure is displayed on a digital LCD and represents the coating’s strength of adhesion to the substrate. It evaluates the adhesion (pull-off strength) of a coating by determining the greatest tensile pull-off force that it can bear before detaching. breaking points, demonstrated by fractured surfaces, occur along the weakest plane within the system consisting of dolly, adhesive,coating layers and substrate.

    ━Display battery capacity

    ━Display Charging(It will become red color when charging, and battery capacity display will
    become green color and display charging)

    ━Display USB port. It will become green from white when the instrument is connecting with computer

    ━Pull-off power unit (can select between “psi” and “Mpa”)

    ━Display data record:arrangement is “group/data/max. data numbers of current group”

    ━Display the diameter of current dolly.

    ━Progress bar of pull-off power increasing rate: the faster speed is, the longer progress bar is.
     If speed is more than 1MPa/s, the progress bar would become red color.


    ━Current measured pull-off power value.

  • Main Technical Parameters:

    ■ Dolly Size: 20mm(Standard);10mm、14mm、50mm(Optional)

    ■ Resolution: 0.01MPa(1psi)

    ■ Accuracy: ±1% Full scale

    ■ Max. Pull-off Pressure:Φ10mm dolly →0-80 MPa;Φ14mm dolly→0-40 MPa;

        Φ20mm dolly→0-20 MPa;Φ50mm dolly→0-3.5 MPa;

    ■ Power:Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and standard configuration charging adapter.

    ■ Adhesion Tester Size:360mm×75mm×115mm(L x W x H)

    ■ Adhesion Tester Weight:3KG


    ■ Standard accessory:

      ① Adhesion Tester with digital display

      ② 20mm Aluminum test dollies(20 pcs)

      ③ Cutting toll for 20mm dollies,

      ④ 3M Adhesive and glue gun

      ⑤ Micro-USB cable

      ⑥ Operation Manual

      ⑦ Carrying case

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