Abrasive Cutter(Rapid Clamp)
  • Abrasive Cutter(Rapid Clamp)

Abrasive Cutter(Rapid Clamp)


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  • Abrasive Cutter(Rapid Clamp)

    Metcut M63 Abrasive Cutter(Rapid Clamp)is used for cutting the metallographic specimens with irregular shapes such as cylinder, polygon etc., so as to observe the metallographic and lithofacies structure of the material. It adopts the fully-sealed structure with double shields, which can guarantee the safety of operator. The cooling system with good coolant can take away the heat of cutting so as to protect the structure of specimen from being burned. During cutting, the specimen can be adjusted in any angles, which helps to avoid the minor burning when the specimen is cut to fall. At the same time the cutting cross section is increased, thus the utilization ratio of cutting sand wheel is improved. This machine, featuring convenient operation and reliable safety, is the necessary equipment for specimen preparation in aboratories, college researching institutes and factories.   

  • 1. Max. Cutting diameter: Ø65mm

    2. Rotating speed: 2800 rpm

    3. Diameter of cutting sand wheel: 250 x 1.5 x 32 mm

    4. Power supply: 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz

    5. Motor: 1.5 KW 

    6. Dimensions: 87 × 55 × 112 cm

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