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    Metcut 150 Precision Cutter with touch controls. Fits 3-inch (75 mm) up to 7-inch (175 mm) diameter blades. Features: Variable speed from 300-1500 rpm cutting with digital speed readout, precision micrometer, counterbalanced sliding load system, automatic cut-off switch, with coolant system (built-in coolant tank for 5-7 inch blades, external coolant tank for 75-100mm blades), magnetic safety switch for the hood, and emergency stop button. METCUT 150 has a built in transformer so it can be operated at either 110V or 220V by the flip of a switch. 
  • Model No.

    METCUT 150

    Cutting capacity

    Max diameter 50 mm  (2")

    Cut-off blade size

    Min. diameter 75-100 mm  (3"-4")
    Max. diameter 125-175 mm  (5-7")

    Arbor size


    Variable Speed (rpm)

    300–1500 rpm continuously adjustable with LED speed display

    Cutting Load

    0-1000 gram load

    Micrometer feed distance

    0-25 mm (0 to 1-inch)

    Micrometer accuracy

    2 microns

    Motor power

    85 W

    Electrical Specification

    110V/220V (50/60 Hz) (single phase)

    Dimensions W x H x D

    410x 410 x 330mm




         Included with the saw are the universal vise

         Double parallel vise

       Specimen adhering vise

       Specimen vise for irregular shaped specimens

       Treadrop holder for 18-41mm(0.7-1.6 inch) round specimens

       Specimen vise for fastener

       Dressing unit

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