The development history of precision measuring instruments

Since the precision testing instrument entered China in the 1990s, it has become a rapidly developing industry among emerging industries. Since the industry of precision testing instruments is used in the testing of industrial products, it is widely used in domestic industrial production.
Starting from the entry of precision testing instruments into the domestic market, by 2019 we can divide the development history of precision testing instruments in China into three stages, which are the simple projector stage, high-precision two-dimensional image measuring instrument and high-end three-coordinate measurement machine stage. Below we briefly explain each of these three stages.
Simple projector: In order to meet the development needs of the market and provide a basis for testing for the development of modern industry, in the 1990s, precision testing instruments officially entered China's domestic market and became an emerging testing-based industry. At the beginning of entering the domestic market, the development of precision testing instruments was not as smooth as we imagined, because it is an emerging industry after all, many of us have never been in contact with it, and do not know how its future development will be.
High-precision two-dimensional image measuring instrument: With the continuous development of society, the domestic industrial level is also constantly improving. Therefore, simple projectors can no longer meet the needs of the market and industry. In this case, the two-dimensional image measurement The instrument has become an inevitable product for the development of the industry, and it provides a solid foundation for complex testing of products.
High-end three-coordinate measuring machine: In the 21st century, more products need to provide three-dimensional inspection, so as to better serve the development of modern society, so domestic precision inspection companies are developing on the basis of the two-dimensional imager A three-coordinate measuring machine was produced to realize the three-dimensional inspection tasks of higher-end products.
We can see from the trilogy of the development of precision testing instruments that, like the development process of every product or industry, it starts from simple, slowly develops to high-end products, and finally realizes higher-end testing services. Therefore, in the subsequent development of precision testing instruments, in order to continuously meet the needs of the market and customers, more high-end precision testing instruments will be launched.