Detection equipment method

Air tightness testing equipment
The air tightness test is mainly to check whether there is any leakage at the joint parts of the container. For pressure vessels whose medium is extremely toxic or highly hazardous or whose design does not allow a small amount of leakage, the airtightness test must be carried out.
Packaging testing equipment
Packaging testing equipment is an instrument, system or device for testing and testing the strength, stiffness, hardness, elasticity, plasticity, toughness, ductility and surface and barrier properties of packaging materials (metallic materials, non-metallic materials), parts, components and structures .
Weight Checking Equipment
The weight detector is a device that realizes high-speed, high-precision weight detection and automatically sorts products that are too light or too heavy under online dynamic conditions.
X-ray Foreign Object Detection Equipment
The X-ray foreign body detection machine is based on the principle of X-rays, and can exert a high degree of detection performance in any link of the production line. It detects foreign objects like metal, bone, casing, plastic, hard rubber, stones, and detects product defects and weight issues
metal detection equipment